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Born in a Saddle Factory.

Born in a saddle factory….All 1stRodeo dog collars are made with the same type of leather used for horse tack and saddles.  The color leather options are drum dyed.  We have natural leather, chocolate leather and turquoise leather.  The floral and leaf tooling pattern is the same throughout all size and color options. All collars have a stainless steel D ring for attaching tags and also have a leather keeper.  The collars are contoured at both ends for a comfort fit. These leather collars are ruggedly beautiful and durable.  Over time the collar will conform to the shape of your dog’s neck.  With periodic care 1stRodeo collars should last as long a good saddle.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know what size my dog needs?

We have factored in extra room for a comfort fit so no need to do that on your end. Please use the exact measurement of your dog’s neck when choosing a size. Our collars are measured from the buckle end of the leather to the tip end of the leather.   A size range is indicated for each collar size.  We are glad to discuss what size is best for your pooch if you would like to contact us prior to ordering. Not all dog collars are sized the same, our XL for example, may be an XXL elsewhere.

How durable are 1stRodeo  collars? 

1stRodeo collars are made from the same type of leather used to make horse tack so they are made to withstand the elements.  If your dog swims or takes mud baths as mine does, a periodic cleaning with leather cleaner or soap and water will work wonders. 

What is your return policy?

 Returns are accepted within 2 weeks of  receipt of purchase.  Collar must be in good condition. Please contact us prior to returning product. 

How do I care for the collars?

Saddle soap, leather cleaner or soap and water will keep your collar looking great.  An occasional leather moisturizer will also help keep the leather from drying out. 

What sizes ranges do you carry?

We offer an (almost) full range of size options, from Mini-Aussies to Mastiffs.  We have 1stRodeo collar models in almost every size. We don’t want to leave out the toy breeds so we are working on an XS collar that will fit neck sizes of around 7 – 9 inches.  More to come.

Still have questions about sizing?

If you still have questions about what size collar is required for your dog, please call or email us with questions.